Warm Kale Salad

Warm up your side salad!

Kale isn’t just for vegans and hippies. It’s delicious, packed with nutrients, and when properly prepared absolutely a great salad leaf.

What you need when the weather says f*ck you its cold:

-4oz (half a box) of button mushrooms wiped clean and sliced.

-4 cups kale leaves

-1/2 lime

-4 garlic cloves minced

-1 avocado

-1/4 tsp salt


There is usually 2 options when purchasing this type of kale. In a bag, precut, and washed. Or on the stem. For the latter you’ll need to remove the stems, break it up into pieces, and give it a really good wash!


Take your avocado and slice it up into the bowl of kale. Now using your hands (please wash them first) massage the avocado into the kale. You’ll start to notice the kale is shrinking and that’s a good sign…you’re making it edible…congratz.


Now in a non stick pan, (I use t-fal) add 2/3 cups of water to the pan on medium/high heat. Once it starts to make noise add the garlic and mushrooms. Sauté for about 5 minutes or until the water has cooked off.


Combine your avocado-kale and mushrooms with garlic into the bowl. Add the salt and juice from half the lemon. Give it a good toss and serve!!!

TGIF everyone! 🙂


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