The Fried Mushroom Burger

Or… The Anti-Heart Attack Burger

I’ve written in a couple of days because I have been feeling my best. Also this week has been a little busy with some good things and bad things. None the less when I got hungry last night I got creative and made a burger when I had no burger (or bun lol).

What you need to be a Mushroom Queen: (serves 1)

-1 large Portobello

-1 tbsp. vegan mayo

-1 slice of whole tomato

-6 leaves of butter lettuce

-1/4 avocado sliced

-1 slice of vegan cheese (I used Daiya Swiss Slices for this)

-1/4 cup vegan panko bread crumbs

-1/4 cup all purpose flour

-1 egg serving with egg replacement(I used Bob’s for this one)

-1/4 tsp  paprika, salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne pepper

-1 serving shoe string French fries (optional)

*Note if you are making for 2 just double the ingredients except for the flour, panko, and spices…that you’ll have enough of left over.


Set into three bowls your flour, egg replacement, and panko mixed with all of the spices.


Remove the stem and gills of the mushroom and then coat completely in the flour. Move on to the egg mixture and coat again. Then finally into the bread crumbs.


Pop the mushroom cap and French fries into the Airfryer then cook on 360 degrees for 12 minutes.


Layer the first 3 butter lettuce leaves at the base and add 1/2 the tbsp. of vegan mayo, then add the cheese slice and tomato. I put the avocado into the mushroom cap to give it a better hold.  Top with the other 3 butter lettuce leaves and remaining vegan mayo.


Then serve! I loved the daiya cheese for this one because it has a very distinct umami flavor which added to the “meatiness” of the Portobello. This whole dish even with the fries was only about 400 calories and left me feeling satisfied but not bloated so super win!

Hope everyone is having a happy Wednesday!


5 thoughts on “The Fried Mushroom Burger

  1. Mushrooms are my absolute favourite, this looks delicious!!!

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    1. I really enjoyed it. I mean it may have been insanely good fried in oil…but I prefer to go the healthier route lol

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  2. Nice and tasty recipe 🙂

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  3. This looks amazing! I’ll have to try it next time I make a mushroom burger. Thanks for sharing this!


  4. Sorry, posted this on the wrong blog! I meant to say that I tried your recipe and it was absolutely delicious!


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