Fried Pickles & Artichoke + Garlic Aioli

For when you want a freaking snack.

Although I was raised in the South I didn’t try fried pickles till 2014 on a trip back. Well…OMFG they are AMAZING. I had a bunch of cans of artichokes and some deli sliced pickles so I decided to fry them up. Here’s how I did it:

What y’all need to get:

-1 can quartered artichokes in water drained

-1 cup pickle slices

-1 cup all purpose flour

-4 egg servings worth of egg replacement mixed with soy cream instead of water

-1/4 cup water to keep egg mix liquid

-2 cups panko bread crumbs

-1 tsp of each spice for the bread crumbs: garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, salt, pepper

-2-4 tbsp. parmageddon powdered parm from vegan magic

-1/2 cup vegan mayo

-1 tsp minced garlic

-2 tbsp. lemon zest

-2 tbsp. lemon juice

-Salt and pepper to taste

-2 cups vegetable oil


Starting with the aioli, combine the minced garlic, lemon zest and juice, vegan mayo, salt and pepper, give it a good mix and pop it in the fridge.


Gather your artichoke and pickles and make sure to drain them in a strainer. Place them in between paper towels to get more of the juices absorbed while you prep the rest of your ingredients.


Place three bowls on your work space. The first one should have your flour. Second one is your egg replacement mixture (keep the water on hand you will need to whisk it in periodically). Last bowl should have your bread crumbs + spices and parmageddon.


Take each pickle or artichoke and fully coat it in the flour. Then move on to the egg dredge. Then bread crumb mix. Place on a separate plate till all have been prepped.


For frying get a dip pot that has a lid. Fill it with about 2 cups of vegetable so that it’s a little less than half way up the pot. I don’t have a thermometer, so for me I put the pot on high when I think it’s started I’ll put a small piece of food in to see how it responds. The above picture shows how you want the oil to take the food. Now the ENTIRE time you have the pot on the stove your a$$ does not leave the kitchen. Also please practice proper safety and always have a fire extinguisher. It takes only a minute or so to cook these and seconds to burn them if you get my drift. Also do not overcrowd the oil, I used a frying spider (which is only $8 and really important if you want to try frying on the stove) and put in only 3 pieces at a time, let them cook, and removed.


Keep a plate near by with a paper towel to absorb any extra oil while you finish cooking and then you’re done! A super delicious snack that is in now way f*cking healthy, but hey at least it’s veggies. Personally I preferred the fried pickles to the artichokes in flavor and texture but both are really good!!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!


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  1. Nice recipe

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