DIY Yogurt Pops Recipe + Fail

Because you know what? I’m not f*cking perfect.

Hubz has a bit of a sweet tooth for chocolate and I am much more mellow. I like light things, like fruit or coconut. Since I already had these popsicle molds I got for about $6 on Amazon I thought I would experiment with some frozen yogurt. The one I made for myself was delicious….the one for Hubz…was pretty disgusting. I’ll only list the recipe of mine, but I’ll explain later why I think his was so bad.

Strawberry Coconut Yogurt Pop:



-1/4 cup  plain coconut yogurt

-2 tbsp. finely sliced fresh strawberries

-2 tsp finely shredded coconut (and a pinch for the tip)

-2 tsp light agave nectar or pure coconut nectar


Start by filling the tip with a little bit of coconut flakes. Then mix in a small bowl the rest of the coconut, strawberry, yogurt, and agave. Pour into the mold and let it freeze for about an hour.


Once completely solid, bring them out and use a little warm water to loosen the pop from the mold and BAM you have a delicious treat.


*Why the other one didn’t work*

So for Hubz I wanted to make a chocolate version. The only difference was that I didn’t add shredded coconut. Instead I added 1 tbsp. of pure cocoa powder and a few cocoa nibs to added texture. The flavor was HORRIBLE. The agave, yogurt, and cocoa was all so bitter it was YUUUUUCK. I will try to make this again but probably make a chocolate syrup first and mix in only a little yogurt. And maybe do a sweetened yogurt to be safe, because I think I traumatized my husband now…


1 thought on “DIY Yogurt Pops Recipe + Fail

  1. Very yummy recipe


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