Cranberry-Coconut Yogurt

Because what else am I supposed to do with these cans of cranberry sauce?!

I feel like this may be more of a hack than a recipe but regardless it’s a good one. I only discovered the enjoyment of cranberry sauce when I made my Swedish meatballs. It really does balance the fatty and salty flavors of that dish. I also decided to add it this year to my Friendsgiving and it again complimented the vegan ham I made. However now I still have a f*cking can of it and need to make use of that sh*t.

What you may already have because holidays make us buy too much food:

-a few frozen berries

-1 cup of coconut yogurt

-1 tbsp. shredded coconut flakes

-1 tbsp. chopped pecans or nut of yo choice

-1 tsp chocolate nibs (vegan obvi)

-1/4 can of cranberry sauce


Simply mix the cranberry and coconut yogurt and then add your toppings. Literally it’s that simple. This is a 3 minute breakfast idea and it tastes really good. Cranberry sauce if kept in an airtight container will last three weeks in the fridge. And you have enough sauce to make 4-6 breakfast bowls. So now SCIENCE is telling me that it’s probably cheaper than buying pre-flavored yogurt….but science may be wrong…maybe.


1 thought on “Cranberry-Coconut Yogurt

  1. Very yummy recipe

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