Quick Chi’ken Stir Fry

Because one dinner wasn’t enough for Hubz. 

Last night I made a Caesar salad and apparently that wasn’t enough to satisfy Chris. So I went through the freezer and found some Beyond Meat Chi’ken strips. And thought…hmmm let me try to make a dish similar to what Hubz orders at Chinese take out. Here’s what I got.

What ingredients to conveniently find at home: 

-6 strips of Beyond Meat Chi’ken

-1 cup frozen peas

-1 cup frozen broccoli

-2 tbsp. sesame seed oil

-1 tbsp. teriyaki sauce

-1 tsp sriracha chili garlic sauce

-2 tsp rice wine vinegar

-1 cup water

-1 cup short grain brown rice

-1 2/3 cup water mixed with no chicken better than bullion


Using the bullion water to cook the rice either get it boiling on a stove or in a an Instant Pot like I did. When it’s about half way done start with your sauce.


In a large wok put the sriracha, sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, and teriyaki sauce to a simmer. Then add your “meat” and veggies.


Add 1 cup of water and continue to stir while you get the sauce to reduce to a thicker consistency.


Once the sauce is thickened and sticks to the food you are good to go! Plate everything and enjoy.

You can add more veggies or different ones with the same general cooking time. This was a quick second dinner I made last night and quite enjoy it!


Happy thanksgiving everyone!:)

Some of the links included are affiliate links. If you purchase anything through them I do receive a very small commission which helps support me in trying new kitchen gadgets and purchasing expensive ingredients:)


2 thoughts on “Quick Chi’ken Stir Fry

  1. Nice and tasty recipe 🙂

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