La soupe à l’oignon

Je suis végétalien.

I’m really excited. One of my best friends and I are taking our first overseas trip in January. We start and end in Paris with pending trips to parts of Italy, UK, and possibly Belgium or Holland. I’m so f%#^ing excited I’ve literally been counting down (79) the days till we leave. French Onion Soup is one of my favorite dishes and here was my take on it using my Instant Pot.

De quoi as-tu besoin:

-Day old baguette

-3 large onions peeled and sliced

-Mason Jars worth of “beef” broth (better than bullion is great and it’s about 5 cups)

-3 tbsp. fresh thyme

-2 tsp kosher salt

-1 tbsp. olive oil

-2 tbsp. vegan butter

-1 bay leaf

-Several slices of your choice vegan cheese (I used violife vegan provolone)


You gonna cry like a petite chienne

In the instant pot set it to sauté and add your butter and olive oil.  Stir often and let the onions brown a bit. Enjoy the aroma and keep some Kleenex around for your eyes…you will truly need them.


Can you spot the cat hair?

Just a helpful tip I find mixing my bullion in a mason jar the easiest method because I can shake it like a polaroid picture.

Once your onions have softened and browned a little, add your broth and scrape up the bottom of the pot. Add your salt, bay leaf, and thyme. Close the lid, flip the steam thing to natural release. Hit Manual then put it for 10 mins. Then stare at it. Wonder if you did it correctly. And then in about 15 minutes you find out…yes…yes you did.


Don’t forget to fish out the bay leaf. 


Cut up some of your baguette and put into the bottom of your bowl. Make sure this bowl is appropriate for the oven or broiler. Then pour your delicious soup on top. Finish with two slices of cheese.

Now you could put this under the broiler which for my stove is on the bottom and let the cheese crisp up. But I have 6 furbuckets running around and I HATE using the broiler because of that. I opted instead for my oven on 500 degrees for about 5 minutes.


I even got my good mug out for this!

It is insanely good. I’m trying to eat it slowly and really savior every taste. The Violife cheese really impressed me. But the soup with the thyme flavor to it is such a delicate and warm taste. I am so excited to be seeing Europe soon. And this gave me a little taste of what is yet to come:)

If anyone has travel recommendations, suggestions, places to go, to eat. I am all ears. I want to embrace the culture and feel immersed so every bit helps. Merci!


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