Sunday Brunch: Mini Hash Brown Waffles with Sriracha Cream + Seasoned Portobello with Okra and Radishes

Pair with whatever cocktail you like…you freaking hipster

I want to try to eat even healthier than I currently am. I’m dealing with some crumby medical stuff and I want to try and cut out (or reduce) some the more processed things I eat. This recipe isn’t a perfect healthy balance, but the oil/fat is broken down to a minimal (I don’t want to turn into my cat nicknamed Mr. Fats).

What you need to serve you and a boo:

Mini Waffle Iron

-3 small potatoes or 2 medium one, shredded

-Salt to taste

-1 shallot minced

-2 tbsp. all purpose flour

-1 tbsp. extra virgin coconut oil

-Non stick spray

-1 cup spinach

-1 bag frozen okra

-2 radishes sliced

-1 large Portobello or 5 crimini, diced

-1 tbsp. smoked paprika

-fresh ground black pepper to taste

-2 tsp vegan sour cream

-1 tbsp. sriracha

-Sliced green onion (optional)


Plug in your iron to let it preheat. Then get all of your other ingredients together. This was the first time I cooked with Okra. I actually got it at the Dollar Store which surprisingly has a great frozen veggie section.

Take a Ziplock bag and combine your mushrooms with the smoked paprika, gently massaging it to combine.


I love this super cute Fox Grater on Amazon for about $11 and it works really well! Anyway grate all of your potatoes and drain them of any water left behind. Toss in your shallot, flour, coconut oil, salt and pepper. Once your iron is hot you can start spooning in the mixture. Make sure before and after each “waffle” you spray with non stick spray. Each one took about 5 minutes to cook. So start the veggies immediately.

In a frying pan use the non stick spray and add your radishes and okra. After about 5 minutes (when your first waffle is ready to be taken out), start a new waffle and then add the mushrooms to the mix.


Add some salt and pepper and keep stirring on a low heat. Finish up your waffles and then go to start plating the dish.

I laid down a bed of spinach for my waffles because I love spinach. I took another ziplock bag and combined the sriracha and sour cream, pushing it to the very corner and twisting. A quick snip of the corner and you have an easy drizzling tool.


I ended up adding more sriracha because I prefer more heat but this was quite tasty. If I had a bloody mary right now it would have been puuuurfect. 🙂

Guys we’re so close to 10 subscribers! We only need one more for our extremely anti-climactic contest to begin!!!

Relaxing Sunday wishes to everyone.




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