Food For Family & Friends Series #1: Mean Green Bean Casserole

Because it’s good to bring something to the party anyway.

Maybe your family isn’t Vegan, or some of your friends are having a party that aren’t Vegan. Well then this series will be for you. It’s all about those filling one dish delights you can bring along.

Today we went over to see the in-laws for dinner and then go bowling. I decided to try out Isa Chandra’s recipe for Green Bean Casserole…and it did not disappoint. Since you can click on the link for the full recipe and instructions I’ll just give you some pictures and pointers as to what not to do.

greenbean casserole cashew

Felt like a dumba$$

First unless you have the all mighty Vitamix you will HAVE to soak your cashews. You can leave a jar of them for up to a week. BUT you are supposed to change the water daily. I did not. Um which resulted in slightly slimy (edible) cashews that I tried to rinse to the best of my ability. What I noticed from this was a slightly stronger cashew flavor which I don’t think would have happened if I actually paid attention to instructions properly.

Also…make sure you f%^&ing close the lid properly prior to blending…

greenbean casserole beans

Second, finding green beans for SOME crazy reason is difficult in some stores. Sometimes they are referred to as French beans. Do not give up. They are somewhere in there.

greenbean casserole mix

mmmmmm caaaarbs….and fat

In the recipe it says once you add the liquid to the frying pan to let it cook for about 7-10 minutes. On my gas stove on medium/high only took about 4-5 minutes so just keep an eye out for the consistency.

greenbean casserole serve

I got hungry and scooped too soon

Lastly once you take it out of the oven give it a good 15 minute break. It’s been working it’s as off for you and want’s to be cut like a real casserole so don’t rush it! Good lord.

Final thoughts. It was delicious! The family enjoyed it and my mother in law kept the rest, which I’m gonna take as a big a$$ compliment.

greenbean casserole night

I was killing it. Word. 

We finished up the evening (actually we stopped by grandparents after) with bowling. I am SO good. Like in a frame if I gutter to the left, my second shot I will gutter to the right. I believe in balance in all aspects of life, and I take this very seriously.

Have a wonderful Sunday evening folks.




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