Swedish “Meatballs”, Butter and Parsley Potatoes, with Arugula Salad…WIN


I got inspired watching Pewdiepie make some Swedish Meatballs and I was like…hey…I want in on that. So here’s the recipe folks.

What you gonna need (serves 2, unless people like less balls (no one wants less balls)):


-1 bag vegetable mince (I used Beyond Meat Beef Crumbles) slightly defrosted

-1/2 onion finely chopped

-1-2 cups bread crumbs

-1 tbsp. vegan butter

-1/4 cup soy milk or creamer unsweetened

-Lingonberry Jam or Cranberry Sauce (amount depends on preference)

Sauce for Meatballs:

-1/2 cup soy milk or creamer unsweetened

-2 tbsp. soy sauce or tamari


-baby potatoes halved (1lb or package)

-1/4 cup parsley minced

-1 tbsp. vegan butter


-2 cups arugula

-2 tsp olive oil

-1/4 tsp salt

-fresh ground pepper to taste

swedish meatballs mince

Don’t freeze your hands off. Let the “beef” defrost.

Start by taking the half onion into a frying pan with a little olive oil and sweat it on low heat. Once done you can transfer to a plate with your slightly defrosted beef crumbles. Add the milk and breadcrumbs. If too dry add more milk, if they are too wet add more breadcrumbs. Science.

Once tacky they’ll form balls and then plate said balls and put aside to start boiling your potatoes.

swedish meatballs rolled

Stop staring at my balls bro.

Get a pot with boiling water and salt and toss in the potatoes. Actually DONT TOSS THEM. Are you insane??? Lightly place them in the burning salted hell water.

Once those are soft-ish with a fork, drain and put them into a bowl, tossing (now it’s safe) with the butter and parsley.

swedish meatballs potatoes

Now take a frying pan, add butter and turn on medium/high heat to brown yo balls. They don’t require a lot of time because…it’s not meat…you are reading a vegan blog here. Once nice and browned on the outside take them out and get a sauce pan going with your milk and soy sauce. Keep this on low heat and whisk…I may have become inpatient and threw in some arrowroot flour/starch (omfg I sound like a hippie) to get it to thicken faster. This is optional if you have patience.

Toss your salad with the olive oil, salt, and pepper…maintaining that arugula flavor that is my everything right now.

Now it’s time to plate everything….

swedish meatballs plated

Fake a rårörda lingon with basic cranberry sauce because we are basic bitches here.

I’ve had Swedish Meatballs only once before and that was B.V (before vegan) and I LOVED them. It was at a wedding I attended when I was 17 (not mine; I’m not from that part of the South). But this was so incredibly good. The cream was savory, the cranberry gave a sweetness to the salty and rich flavors of the dish. I love this so much and I plan on making it a lot more in the future…plus you look like a badass whipping this out when non-vegans come over. win.

We got another follower! Reminder there will be a contest once we reach 10 followers. I keep shamelessly self promoting this, to which a quick note. If a fruit fly falls into my whisky…I scoop him out…no way is that intruding protein making me toss expensive liquor. So be like me and keep lowered expectations.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday night. I and Sou Chef Risky are about to binge watch some horror movies:)

swedish risky.jpg



swedish meatballs broken

You will be missed.








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