Thank you McDonalds for making this the face of Mulan’s legacy.

My best friend is hanging out with me tomorrow and he is quite the “Rick and Morty” fan. After watching a ridiculous video showcasing how crazy people went over McDonald’s one day limited re-release of the infamous sauce I decided to take to the internet and not only find a congruent recipe. But also give it the vegan twist of serving a typical McDonald’s meal without any animal products. Lets get started.

First off I got the recipe thanks to Reddit user Xeropoint. You can click the link to see his original recipe. I’ll type it up here as well since I added a few smaller changes, although his is badass for the suggestion of continuing to drink the plum wine while cooking this lovely concoction.

What you need: (enough sauce for 2 + some for said friend)

For the sauce:

-6 cloves of garlic minced

-1 tbsp. vegetable oil

-4 tbsps. balsamic vinegar

-2 tsps. Tamari (not low sodium)

-2 tbsps. dark brown sugar

-minced ginger to taste (yes you have to f$%ing zest)

-1/2 tbsp. crushed red pepper

-3 1/2 tbsps. sriracha sauce

-2 tbsps. plum sake (plum wine)

For Nuggs ‘n stuff:

-1 box Quorn Chik’n Nuggets

-1/4 bag of French fries yo choice


Although these fries are not similar to McDonalds shoe string fries. They were f@#$ing delicious and I don’t care.

Okay so like my other posts I went lazy af and instead of using the oven I threw both the nuggs and the fries into the Airfryer  for 22 minutes and they looked perfect. Anyway once you’ve got that started move onto the sauce.


In the photo you see sake and plum wine. Because the owner argued with me that I wanted the sake to cook with. I did not. Choya plum wine is perfect. However I drank the sake and it was damn good. win.

I took a cast iron pan and added the minced garlic and vegetable oil to cause it to sweat. You do this by taking the vegetable (say garlic) and sweating it with a little fat (say vegetable oil) on a very low heat. The opposite would be sautéing done the same but on high heat…the more you know kids. You know it’s “sweating” when your kitchen smells like f* garlic, don’t let it brown though you’ll need to stay close for this.

Now you can start to add to the garlic the balsamic, stir it, incorporate it, move on. Add soy sauce and repeat the same as prior. Now add the plum wine and let the alcohol cook down. You’ll know this is happening by the syrupy texture forming. At this point I just dumped the sriracha, crushed red pepper, ginger, and dark brown sugar. I whisked it a bit till there was no visible sugar and it looked…like…a…Szechuan sauce. That made sense to me.

Take it out, pour into some form of a container. Grab yo nuggs and fries and plate that sh*t.


I think I get it now.

Look in 1998 I was in 3rd grade (I think). I probably ate McDonalds at the time this was out. However I was a really boring kid when it came to food. Sauces made no sense to me. But now as an adult holy crap am I happy I made this because it’s f$@*ing delicious and actually quite simple to make. It’s tangy, spicy, and sweet. The perfect combination for the salty fries and nuggs.

McDonald’s will be releasing the sauce once more this December however if you’re vegan ya probably don’t eat there anyway. So now you can share in on the fun and hype as well:)

rickandmorty mem.jpg


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