Spiralized Scalloped Potatoes – SAY WHAT?!

When you feel like a couch potato; spiralize that sh*t.

Potatoes are considered by some to be the perfect food (unless you avoid carbs then life is unfortunate for you), and I found the most delicious recipe for them. I never really had scalloped potatoes before that I can recall, but hot for food posted a video and recipe on their blog (linked below), and I had to try it. Because fats and carbs are the meaning of life right?

The recipe was actually quite simple and easy to make since I had almost all the ingredients except for Daiya Mozzarella Shreds. It was SO simple in fact I decided to complicate by using the Spiralizer I bought a while back that’s been in it’s box above my kitchen cabinets.


In ancient times this was used to get recipes out of potatoes. Thus we now have chips. You’re welcome.

There were only three things I did differently in this recipe…

First. I had WAY to much fun spiralizing potatoes. And it actually was a really great texture. The recipe calls for a mandoline (not the instrument) which I didn’t have and my slices were going to be to thick because my knife skills are meh. Therefore I spiralized them babies!! Now that I think of it I didn’t clean it after….I may regret this step today.

Second. I didn’t have fresh thyme, nor did I feel the desire to buy it and have the rest wilt in my fridge so I used dry. It was fine.

Third. The video stated you needed to have a Vitamix to create the cashew sauce. NO. You don’t…just enjoy the slightly chunky sauce because diversity in texture is the nectar of life; a wise man once said.

And lastly I thought I should spray some cooking spray to help crisp up the top and I think it helped? Sure lets go with that.

scalloped potatoes

Dried thyme looks like ants, trick your friends and they’ll LOVE trying your vegan cooking!

I decided to have this as my “main” dish in a sense, adding the vegan steaks and gravy.

stk and pts


On a side note yesterday started inktober on Instagram and I created my first submission with…only an hour to do it. After my sharpener craped out on me and my marker dried up I was left with this….


Still cute.

Anyone else planning to try this recipe or participate in inktober?

Link to hot for food recipe and blog

Link for tools:


Simple Chef Vegetable Spiralizer – Vegetable Spiral Slicer


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