5 hours later I had vegan steak for dinner…

A bit of a mess up.

Saturday I decided to try Avant-Garde Vegan’s recipe(link below) for Steak and Peppercorn sauce. It looked AMAZING. My husband is not vegan although he claims he would be essentially if I can perfectly replicate all the foods he loves (hmmmm). So I thought YES! Let me try this!

I lost touch with humanity making these but I’ve come back to share what I like and dislike(or more so messed up) trying out this recipe.

First. The recipe calls for dried porchini mushrooms. I live in NYC. I can get everything. This wasn’t easy to find however and I ran out by the time I was supposed to add more to the broth portion. Thankfully I’m working as a cookbook assistant to someone who actually had them, blessed be thy foodies.

vegan steaks wet ingr

Wet ingredients before blending…soooooo prettttyyyyyy.

Second. F#&*ing chickpea flour. I forgot to order some and according to the interwebz there is nothing you can really replace it with. However I did have dried chickpeas. Great! Again the interwebz said NO PROB! Just throw the chickpeas in a blender or food processor and BAM you gots yo self some chickpea flour. Don’t believe this, these people are either magicians or own a Vitamix (the blender that comes from Narnia delivered to your door for around $300-$500).  After that fail I thought lets bring back history with the mortar and pestle (that almost became a hole in my wall so my neighbors can tell me to F off more easily). Eventually I found that the dusty coffee grinder I hold onto for hoarding show purposes actually did work. However if the interwebz says to then sift the flour…um do that or you end up with chickpea chunks like I did.

vegan steaks in pot

Chickpea chunk fail as seen above.

Third. At some point when making the seitan dough I messed something up. Whether it was either I messed the wet ingredients incorrectly or my chickpea flour was chickpea caca, regardless it was a sticky bunch of bleh. Since I had about $20 worth of food invested up to this point and about 2 hours of my life sacrificed I was bound to make it work. In doing so I add a bunch more chickpea flour and almost the entire bag of vital wheat gluten. I think this dulled the flavor of the wet mixture a bit, but you know what it made a steak like thingy-a-lingy and that was quite sufficient for me.

Lastly. By the time I got to the peppercorn sauce my husband was home and since I had watched the video about 20 times at this point I figured I could just make it easily on the stove… Too much peppercorn and brandy later I had a disgustingly sweet sauce that was WAY to peppery. So follow the directions and don’t let an episode of the Ozarks distract you from the finish line.

I usually like to add creative sides to my dishes but by this point I was like NOPE. So a can of peas and mashed potatoes was a good enough.

Overall I think this recipe is amazing, it’s a bit expensive if you don’t have things such as Marmite, dried porchinis, wine, and brandy laying around. But it’s still a really good recipe to try, I think the next time I’ll do it I would prepare a bit better and definitely make it more as a meal prep without the pressure of making all of the seitan steaks and putting them on the table the same night. Plus Gaz actually recommends letting them rest a day to firm up in the fridge.

I DO however want to try and make a beef wellington with these, definitely will post about how that goes within the next few days. Any other vegans out there tried that?? Let me know!

Link to Avant-Garde Vegan’s recipe and video.



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