Vegan Things

When life gives you lemons just don’t f@$*ing zest them

I struggle as we all do, with this crazy thing called life. The hard decisions of whether something is worth putting a bra on for, or if a recipe is really going to taste as good as the picture looks. We’ve all been there, I guess I just never left that point in life to move on to a “routine”. The thing we all know that will bring stability, but the closest thing I have to it is a creepypasta play list to fall asleep to at night. That’s me + 5 cats and a semi-dog; in a nutshell.

I love cooking and there are probably a million other people out there who cook a 100x better than myself. I’m not really a recipe creator, nor am I an amazing home chef. But while I may not create my own masterpieces I do like to recreate those I’ve seen, and with that I’ve noticed that there are some things these chefs either don’t explain entirely or warn you about. And by warn I mean…it’s probably common sense to them, but to a underling such as myself not so much.

You’ll find my successes and failures cooking in here. My own recipes, and trying some others as well.  I’ll always link to the original recipe and post photos of how everything turned out. I hope you enjoy and one of my sous-chef’s Mouzie says howdy y’all.



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